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Vendor Management


ITonDemand Vendor Management is included in our Managed Services Plan and is one of the most valued offerings within ITonDemand. The success of most companies is now the success of a well functioning vendor ecosystem. The relationship between supplier and customer can often vary in terms of the relative importance of the products and services being delivered, but its success is more often a direct correlation to the strength of the engagement between the supplier and customer.

ITonDemand Vendor Management Program relieves you of the burden of having to manage all of your vendors, and allows you the ability to focus on running your business. The process begins with the onboarding and once completed we manage all vendor related activities. The following tools are the building blocks of a sustainable and continuous improvement Vendor Management program.

  • Rules of engagement for operating a Vendor Management Program
  • Letter of Agency to all current vendors
  • Expectations of a Strategic Partner
  • Guiding Principles to establish the shared vision with all vendors
  • Account review worksheet for vendors
  • Executive vendor dialog
  • Two way scorecards


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