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Infrastructure Support


The IT infrastructure represents one of the largest, if not the largest capital investment and consumer of IT dollars in most enterprises. This offering is taking a look at the installed base and planning an investment plan for each major category of IT infrastructure.

In most organizations investment dollars are highly controlled and difficult to acquire and thus every dollar needs to be spent on the highest priority investment. This offering can assist you in understanding those priorities with respect to your infrastructure investment. This same information can also assist you in making judgments on the possible impacts associated with different choices in investment reductions or possible shifts to higher priorities.

Audit & Inventory

Having good data at your fingertips means that you can make better decisions, give better answers, and have a better understanding of the current state of your endpoints. TAM's ITonDemand Network Audit & Inventory gives you the ability to meet these goals by grabbing every piece of useful data from your managed machines and offering you the visibility you need through comprehensive inventories.

An easy-to-use web-based interface serves up comprehensive audit information by machine allowing you to:

  • Identify all installed software and application EXEs across all managed machines
  • Identify the different versions and licenses of software deployed across your network
  • Identify user-defined shares across all managed machines
  • Close data security holes and ensure compliance
  • Examine hardware policy issues I
  • nventory computers without interrupting the user
  • Pinpoint failures by manufacturer and model

Now you can...

  • Get a consolidated view of computer hardware profiles and installed software across your network
  • Reconcile deployed software licenses with purchased licenses
  • Know what versions of required software is installed across your entire network
  • Provide a detailed list of hardware assets and installed software including those for compliance audits
  • Know what software is installed on remote out-of-band systems

Server Consolidation

Server Consolidation has been the preferred choice for reducing IT costs for several years, with many companies embracing this as a top priority moving forward. Business drivers behind Server Consolidation include the innovations of new technologies such as servers that provide more horsepower, more storage capacity, lower power consumption, smaller foot prints and integrated virtualization capabilities. With a proven methodology of engaging with customers to evaluate your current environment and proposing/architecting cost efficient solutions based on your specific business needs, TAM’s ITonDemand is the perfect resource for your Server Consolidation requirements. Server Consolidation solutions include:

  • Comparative and competitive technology evaluations
  • Virtualization Readiness Assessment (VRA)
  • Networking and Storage considerations

Virtualization Readiness Assessment

Through the use of a "Virtualization Readiness Assessment" (VRA), TAM ITonDemand provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of your current infrastructure to aid in determining whether or not server virtualization is right for you. The VRA tool is designed to enable an effective way to evaluate the impact of virtual infrastructure within the environment and to highlight the benefits of virtualization. More specifically, it explores leveraging a virtual infrastructure to address the specific needs of reducing server sprawl, maintaining manageable work capacities, and controlling the direct and downstream costs as a result of server growth and end-of-life server replacement needs. TAM ITonDemand VRA uses a thorough data collection process to gather information on the existing deployed servers within a given infrastructure. In turn, TAM combines the results from the VRA with experienced consulting and professional services to analyze the information and report the findings. Virtualization Readiness Assessment deliverables:

  • VRA Objectives
  • Server Inventory Summary
  • Consolidation Scenarios
  • Total Cost of Ownership or TCO
  • Return on Investment or ROI
  • Recommendations for Server, Storage, Network
  • Deployment and Migration plans
  • Training Requirements

Server Consolidation Benefits

The TAM’s ITonDemand VRA process will help you understand the impact of server virtualization on your environment. Here are a few areas that the VRA can help:

  • Save floor space
  • Provide business continuity solutions like disaster recovery and high availability
  • Allow you to centrally manage your datacenter and your service infrastructure
  • Make your datacenter energy efficient and save on energy costs
  • Reduce capital expenditure and reduce your operational expenditures (CapEx)


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