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IT on Demand


ITonDemand is an Outcome-Based IT Managed Service Offering. ITonDemand represents a shift of delivery models from reactive "capacity on demand" to proactive "capability on demand." Capability on demand is the tight bundling of software, services and infrastructure that fit together and function seamlessly as a cohesive solution that is outcome-based.

Over time we have found that new clients embrace the strategic imperative that some portion of their portfolio needs to leverage managed services. We have found this to be necessary to maintain competitiveness with their peers. The entire focus is on ensuring that specific business outcomes are achieved.

Organizations are demanding much more from the traditional outsourcing relationships by paying for results (versus effort) and by expecting more predictability and faster time to market.

The result of this transformation is that both clients and suppliers are increasing their investments in IT managed services. ITonDemand provides the maturity and competencies of a multi-sourcing engagement, chief among them being risk management, performance management, demand management and relationship (vendor) management.

The evolution of outcome-based managed services offers companies the ability to take advantage of these offerings.

Managed Services offerings typically are comprised of three core deliverables; 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring, Service Desk and Vendor Management. ITonDemand provides these three core deliverables in addition to providing an additional 8 structured elements that work seamlessly to provide businesses with the end to end outcome based IT support they need freeing them to spend more time driving their business.


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