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September 25th 2014

The New Dynamics of Managed Services

Conceptually Managed IT Services is anything but new. Technology moves forward at an astonishing pace and changes more often than we realize. New technological developments lead to new standards of effectiveness, requiring more frequent reviews and revisions of processes.

Business owners and decision-makers need to stay ahead of the curve if they intend to realize the full benefits that can be gained by utilizing managed services. Here at TAM we’ve developed our IT on Demand™ solution to be different, based on three concepts that we see as being fully embraced in the near future:

Deliver solutions that illuminate previously unknown aspects of client businesses.

Specifically, managed services that will provide a view of previously unknown or difficult to manage processes and technology.

Focus on the result, rather than the technology itself.

To remain competitive, we will need to offer our Clients a superior level of insight and guidance. The technology is just a tool in service of greater goals, not the sole offering.

Move from cost savings to improved capabilities.

Our IT on Demand™ solutions will help our Clients achieve greater agility and operational readiness within their organizations. Cost savings will still be major factor, but improved performance and flexibility are the real benefits of outsourcing IT.

Every Client has a unique pain or challenge, and they need a solution that will mitigate it for them. While we can template our best practices to accelerate the deployment of our solution, the Client is looking for a solution just for them, and it’s about customization. Business leaders must examine their organizations’ needs and goals to determine which managed IT services solution is right for their unique situation.


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