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Application Development


There is continued demand for affordable service offerings that include global development teams to compliment on-site services. TAM’s ITonDemand Application Development Service is able to satisfy our customers’ needs through our ISO 9001 certified development center located in Hyderabad where we house 250 professionals.


Our applications development expertise and experience allows us to meet a wide range of development needs. We can identify the need, design and build the solution from idea to installation. Our solutions are tailor-made to the specific requirements of the customer. TAM’s ITonDemand has developed a project life cycle that begins with requirements gathering and continues through design, project planning, implementation, testing, deployment, post deployment support and finally maintenance.


Our application migration strategy is based on a careful blend of tools and process that help the team seamlessly deliver services using an onshore/offshore delivery model.

Key Elements of our services include:

  • Transparency of information
  • Defined processes using real experience and with both ground-up and top-down inputs
  • Continuous improvement
  • Information driven tools used
  • SharePoint for portal services
  • Customized reports for monitoring project progress
  • Microsoft Project for planning and tracking major project phases
  • Customized dashboard for tracking issues
  • SQA Teamtest and WinRunner for automated and script based testing  


Our application maintenance service is a blend of on shore and off shore delivery. We provide an on-site project manager with expertise specific to the project requirements. The contract is generally time and materials, but with only productive hours billed.

We offer a phased implementation including...

  • Managed knowledge transfer
  • Training procedures and testing to ensure that quality resources are working on the project
  • Early low risk maintenance requests and expansion to maintaining and enhancing the full suite
  • Continuity of key resources


TAM’s ITonDemand offers a proven model for software validation. Key elements include...

  • Risk Mitigation
    • Risk/Safety assessments
    • Risk reduction strategies
  • Independent black box testing
    • Functional testing
    • Stress/Performance testing
    • Regression testing
    • Automated testing scripts
    • User Interface validation
  • White box testing
    • Code reviews
    • Module/component testing
    • Integration testing
  • Reverse Engineering


TAM’s ITonDemand provides end-to-end consulting and implementation services in the planning, building and maintenance of Data Warehouse applications. Data Warehouse solutions are provided based on specific client needs pertaining to business objectives, data source, and reporting and analytic requirements. Whatever the requirements, size of the data, data sources and domain, TAM ITonDemand has the required skill set for delivering the solutions.  


TAM’s ITonDemand EI team has expertise in the integration of enterprise and business-to-business applications, which run on disparate platforms. We have experience with Gentran, Biztalk, TIBCO and WebMethods.

EI Services:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Infrastructure Assessment & tool evaluation
  • Design of EI Architecture
  • Implementation of EI Solutions
  • Business process integration
  • Onsite-Offshore Integration
  • Development Model Maintenance & Support of EI

EDI Services:

  • Mapping and Gap Analysis: TAM ITonDemand Analysts work in conjunction with client teams to conduct a Translation Mapping and Gap Analysis using Analysis Tools to map proprietary data or database tables to third party translator database. Our Analysts will also work with client team to identify additional data elements required for EDI transactions that are not found on originating formats, such as the HCFAI500 or UB92 claim formats. Deliverables from this engagement are Translation Maps, Which include the complete structure and rules to build EDI transactions.
  • System Integration: TAM ITonDemand Project Teams can integrate various third party Translation Systems with your organization's current workflow and healthcare IT infrastructure, including practice management systems, hospital information systems, adjudication systems, database applications or proprietary systems.


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